Friday, February 9, 2018

Rothschild's Strike Again???

DOW Down Another 1,000+ Pts!!!

Japan's NIKKEI Down,..... 666 Points*!!!

(*I know,.. JUST Co-incidence,... Right???,... Right!!!... wink, wink, nod, nod... know what mean!, know what I mean!)

System Dynamics: The Rothschilds Control The BIS, The BIS Controls ALL The Central Banks, The Central Banks Control The Financial Markets, The Financial Markets Control The Stock Markets,... Which All Means... Your Fk'd!!!

My Fellow Americans:

POP!!! Goes the stock market bubble once again,.... but notice how there is zero justification for it,.. also notice how all the mass-lying-media talking-heads just can't seem to figure out what is causing it!!! (It's just a complete mystery people!,.. you know,.. like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster!!!)

Now before I go on to today's news, in my previous article on this, I forgot to mention the Financial Market means of control that I placed here in the header of this article, which is:

The Bank Of International Settlements is what is sometimes called, "The Banker's Bank!!" (Said with a veryyyy smug tone...)

It is the quintessential locus of control over the entire world's financial markets.

It also happens to be the Rothschild's front office, and how the Rothschild execute control over the entire planets financial system,.. but allow me to digress a moment...

Working from the top down, we have:

The Rothschilds control the BIS, The BIS Controls the IMF, World Bank, and ALL Central Banks in every country except a few like, Iran, Syria and North Korea, but there is a little disagreement about which few countries are still holding out against a Rothschild's Central Bank, so I cannot find a reliable source to provide a qualified list.

Anyway,... the BIS is the main office that is used to control their regional banks, which in reality are the Central Banks of almost every country in the world.

The Central Banks all have some form of mechanism's to control the financial markets by manipulating options contracts, interest rates, and of course just going into the stock markets to buy and sell as needed to achieve the desired results.

For the USA, that duty of market manipulation falls on the little known office of the ESF,.. Exchange Stabilization Fund.

The ESF operates with complete impunity and immunity, has ZERO oversight, and since its creation in 1934 under the auspices of the Treasury Department, and from the day it was created until now,... it has NEVER been audited, investigated, questioned, or even asked to explain exactly what it is doing,... not even a single time by congress, who is the body with complete oversight.

In other words,... the ESF is the US's source of "Dark Money", since no one is allowed to know how much money it takes in, how much it spends, what it spends it on, or how much it just makes on it's own by just punching in digits into it's accounts for an endless source of funding,... it's the ultimate con people.

Next,.. the central banks thru their various Dark-Money sources, like the ESF in the USA, then move digits (money*) into and out of the markets as they wish.

*Money,.. it's called "money",.. but none of this garbage is actually money.

If that is not the definition of fraud and market manipulation, then there simply is none!

Moving On,... in today's news,.. we had the DOW crash another 1,000+ points today,.. bringing this weeks total loss to 8.88% for the DOW alone.

Notice how we have these nice triple numbers all the time,... the Illuminati seem to love that for some reason... like the NASDAQ dropping to 6,777 today also.

However,... the market drop I found wholly interesting today,... was Japan's NIKKEI. (Japan's version of the DOW)

It dropped.... drum roll please,... brrruuuuuuuuuupppppp! Ta-DAAAA!!! - 666 Points!!!

Gee whiz!,.. didn't the DOW just previously drop 666 Points on 2/2/18???!!!!

What are the odds little Timmy???!!!

Remember that old TV show with Fran Tarkenton,... That's Incredible!!!!!!

Yes people,.. it does look like lightening can strike the outhouse twice after all!!!! (... That's Incredible!!!...)

Please standby,... as the global elite are getting ready to take their next steps to take over the whole world....

What's next?,.. oil hitting $66.66 (Oil is currently at: $60.56),.. or, how about Rhodium hitting $1,666?? (Rhodium, a precious metal, is currently at: $1,660)

(Announcer Over An Overhead PA): Attention!,.. Attention!,.. Please lube your A-hole, as the NWO is about to ramrod it!,... thank you for your attention and co-operation!

JD - US Marine Fighting Global Tyranny


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