My Fellow Americans, Patriots, Vets, and US Marines;

This site is run and dedicated by the spirit of truth and honesty, by people who care more about the future of this country, then they are with the risks to our own personal safety in daring to challenge the enemy infiltration that has completely and utterly saturated what some people call,... "our gov't".

We have no gov't,.. we have an EFIO,.. and Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,... replete with their ideologies of Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism,... all of which are nothing more than subsidiaries to the ideology of global enslavement called,... Zionism.

I understand there are still many who do not fully understand these mechanisms, as one of the paramount rules of operation for these slime bags,... is secrecy and deception,.. and they are well adapt at it, as these are techniques, skills and traits that have been passed from one generation to another of these bottom feeders, incorrectly called,... "the elite". The only thing "elite" about them,.. is there capacity of self-absorbed vanity, treachery and psychopathic debauchery to destroy all that is good in this world!

This site is really the result of many years of learning, first hand experience of their corruption, and efforts to now put this knowledge in the public domain in way that any and all can understand.

I thank Andrew, who has taken the time and effort to assemble this site, and his dedication to higher values and principles which are clearly part of his driving force that fuel his desire to make the world a better place.

I, and Andrew, will be doing our best to move through the learning curve of operating a site like this, as we seek expose the truth of this global perfidy that seeks to enslave all of mankind, to their benefit, and our demise.

Thank you for your support, as this fight is everyone's fight, Andrew and I are merely trying to give it form and function to make it as effective as possible.

JD - US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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